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Recently Asked Questions:

Vegetable garden wont grow

My vegetables are not growing very well, what fertilizer do i need to use?

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Care after Mothers Day, can they be planted?

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sleeping plants

I am wondering when at night plants go to "sleep" if it is actually at sunset or would it be during the civil twilight?Appreciate the feedback thanks.

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pumkins & squash

Can you plant pumpkin and squash together or should there be something separating them to stop cross pollination? Also what is the best fertilizer to use for them?

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Forsythia cuttings

Is it true that cuttings can be mashed with a pliers and stuck in the ground to grow?

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shade garden under trees

I recently moved to a home that has a side yard with 20 or so maple trees. I would like to make the entire area into a shade garden (hostas, ferns, vinca and a stone path) Is this possible or will it harm the trees?

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I want to replant/transfer Walker's Weeping Caragana to pot, would it be able to survive in the pot. It is a fully mature plant, so how big should the pot be?

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I have a lily plant that is dying. I don't know how to best cultivate lilies, what can i do to save it?

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Lucky Bamboo Flowers?

Does lucky bamboo flower?

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Hydrangea indoors?

Can you grow hydrangea in a large pot indoors?

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laying mulch

can i lay mulch on top of freshly planted seeds or should i wait for them to sprout first?

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How to start peonies

How do I start a peonie short of buying the plants. Can I get a cutting or a seed from the flower itself?

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