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exotic species

I take a biology class. We are to tell why we would want to plant an exotic rather than a native species. Help please.

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How to replant, I am moving stuff around in my garden, and I think I killed a plant by doing so.

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lucky bamboo

Is the lucky bamboo plant really bamboo or a kind of dracaena?

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cats in garden

Is there a way to keep cats out of our garden? Thank you.

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My hollyhock has yellow dots

What is goin on with this yellow dotts over and under the leaves What should I do?

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bugs, what kind are normal for a bonsai

I just purchaced a 45 year old Carmona bonsai tree yesterday and when I woke up this morning I noticed some ants around the plant. They are not swarming or anthing like that but I have probably killed 8 so far in the 20 minutes of looking. I lifted the m

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Peony plant

Can Peony plants grow in tropical climate?

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Bamboo leaves are yellow

I got a bamboo plant when I purchased my home. It has been only two months and the leaves are turning yellow. What do i do?

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Money Tree

Can I grow a money tree outside in Ohio? Will it survive?

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lucky bamboo plant

How often do I water lucky bamboo plant?

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Is it correct to say that "Heathland" or "Heath" would include the acacia tree (seyal)? Thank you! Garry

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