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Recently Asked Questions:

Pine trees near houses

Are pine trees near houses okay?

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lucky bamboo should I re-pot?

Can I re-pot the whole thing into a larger container. I have the 6 woven trellis type. Still with the twist-ties on it. I love the shape, should I re-pot it?

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bamboo gloves

Do you have wholesale prices for the green bamboo gloves? Thank you, Pat

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bamboo house plants

Can you cut and reroot bamboo to grow like you would with an ivy plant?

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lucky bamboo is too tall

My lucky bamboo plant is too tall can i just cut it off at the bottom and new roots sprout?

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My lucky bamboo has started to die!

My bamboo has started to die if I cut the green part will they grow roots and still live?

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My bamboo has six stalks to it. I have had it almost a year and the plant is now about 2 1/2 feet tall. I would like to shape it into like the heart shape or some shape. Could you help me do this. Thank you very much. Bonnie

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How do I prune split leaf philodendron damaged by freeze temperatures?

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Greek Fir

What happens when a Greek Fir is exposed to too much water/rain?

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Dormant Grass

Can I plant ornamental grasses while they are still dormant? The soil is very well draining.

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Lava rock Ti Plant

Why are the leaves on my plant turning brown and falling off?

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Lucky bamboo plant has grown very tall.

My lucky bamboo has been grown in a vase of water. It was thriving, but now is so tall, it won't stand up straight. What can I do to maintain straight, healthy growth? I've tried to tie them together, but then they all lean to one side.

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