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Wine Bonsai

Will the wine bonsai survive in the Seattle climate?

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Reviving bamboo grown in pebbles and rocks

I have a lucky bamboo plant that I am trying to revive, part of the plant is green while some is turning yellow. The base of the bamboo is in pebbles and rocks what are the best ways to base the stalks?

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Mold on my Lava Rock

I have white mold on my lava rock plant, How do I remove it?

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lucky bamboo

My lucky bamboo plant stems are rapidly turning yellow and soft. What on earth can I do to save them? Thank you!

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Can I plant my lucky bamboo in soil?

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When can they be moved? Needed badly!

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Chrysanthemum wilt

I purchased a Chrys. in a 12" pot from Salinas that promised to be absolutely beautiful. It appeared to be ready to burst into a ball of beautiful blooms. No matter what I did, more H2O, less H2O, more/less light, the buds drooped over and dried up or tur

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dog park problem

Hi I represent our local town dogpark. The area is a disaster the 'grass' is gone and we're left with a dust bowl! Is there a particular type of lawn that can withstand this sort of wear and tear? I can't recall any groundcover plants that would work.

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Japanese Maples

I recently subscribed to an online newsletter concerning gardening. The person lived in Ohio and sold small Japanese maples for only $1.35. We had work done on our computer and lost his e-mail address. I would love to get in touch with him again. Thank

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Orangeola Japanese Cutleaf Maple

I planted my maple in a flower bed on a slope. it gets morning and a slight bit of midday sun. I backfilled the area with dirt supplemented with organic mulch. it usually has plenty of leaves then they start to turn brown and fall off and the plant has mo

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Bringing potted plants in for the winter.

We are getting ready to bring some of our plants indoors for the Winter -should we spray them with bug spray? If so, what would you suggest?

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Amethyst Falls Wisteria

I have an amethyst falls wisteria that I have planted by a sturdy arbor. Do I train it straight up the arbor? Or weave it back and forth up the side as it grows?

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