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Recently Asked Questions:

Citronella grass

I am looking for a citronella tree, to aid in repelling flying insects.

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Transplanting ornamental grass

I have a large ornamental grass plant, I would like to relocate it. Is now a good time?

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My tomatoes are ripening very slowly, is there any method which will hurry them along? They are in a hoop house because we live at 7500 ft. Will keeping them warm help or hurt?

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lucky bamboo plants

I just got a lucky bamboo plant. It came in a vase with water in it. I read that this plant grows well in soil. What kind of soil should be used?

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Rose 'shockwave' (Blackspot)

The leaves on my rose plants are turning yellow and have brown/black spots on them. I have used the Bayer stuff my nursery recommended there has been on change. What am I doing wrong?

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Green Mountain Boxwoods

Is a green mountain boxwood the best way to go for a 3'-6' hedge zone 6 full sun?

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Mandevilla (Florida)

I live in Florida, will my plant bloom all year round?

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Smelly bamboo stalks

I have had 3 very nice bamboo cuttings for sometime and they have just started to have a very bad oder! I use distilled water when changing the water and have never had this problem before. I have tried washing them by hand and the clear glass container a

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When is the best time to cut back the vines, after berries are done producing?

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Tree Trimming

When is the best time to trim a Sensation Maple Tree?

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Shooting Star

I purchased a plant from a store, with your nusery name on it. I went on your website for infromation and your site has no match found for this plant. I would like to know how to care for it.

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Confederate/Star Jasmine

My Jasmine has a lot of it's leaves turning brown and falling off. Is this possibly a disease. I had it in the ground over the winter and that's when it started loosing all the leaves so I put it back in a pot this spring. Thought I was gonna loose it but

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