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A low growing perennial generally grown as an annual. Grown in full sun to shade, does better in the cooler weather and often goes out of bloom when it gets hot. Look for heat tolerant cultivars. Cut back after first bloom, fertilize and water to maintain flowering in the summer.

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How do I select the best plants for my Landscape?

I have 4 plants and want to know were to plant them? 1.African White Iris 2.Desert Rose 3.Pedilanthus Devils Bacckbone #1 4.Bulbinella Florib Yellow Thanks


When selecting new plants for your landscape its good to get to know your yard, ask your self some basic questions. Which areas are wet which are dry? Are there areas of my yard that don't see much sun light? What direction is the yard oriented, if it faces south in most cases there will be sun year round. Once you have a good feel for your yards characteristics its time to head to your local nursery. Having photos or a diagram can also help you while in the nursery.

African White Iris are best suited for areas with full sun and moist soil however once established they can tolerate most conditions.

Desert Rose is a succulent that needs full sun and regular water but is most often grown indoors.

Pedilanthus tithymaloides is a tropical plant from the Caribbean that is also most common as a house plant.

Bulbinella floribunda prefers well drained soil and regular watering during its active growth, best in full sun or partial shade in very hot climates full shade would be best.

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