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A low growing perennial generally grown as an annual. Grown in full sun to shade, does better in the cooler weather and often goes out of bloom when it gets hot. Look for heat tolerant cultivars. Cut back after first bloom, fertilize and water to maintain flowering in the summer.

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How do I rid my poinsettias of whiteflies, I am ready to put in the basement?


For mild infestations you can remove the whiteflies by hand or remove the leaves with high concentrations of insects, discard of the leaves by placing them in a plastic bag and freezing to kill the insects. Hand removal is most effective when whiteflies are in the nonmobile nymphal and pupal stages also whiteflies are least active during the early cooler parts of the day. Whitefly traps are also available which are bright yellow sheets of cardboard covered with a sticky substance, whiteflies adults are attracted to the yellow color and get trapped subsequently lowering the population. Traps are most effective when used inside in a controlled environment place a trap above each infected plant. The other option is over the counter insecticides, common types used for whitefly control include neem oil, insecticidal soap, horticultural oil, pyrethrins, permethrin, imidacloprid and malathion. 

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