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A low growing perennial generally grown as an annual. Grown in full sun to shade, does better in the cooler weather and often goes out of bloom when it gets hot. Look for heat tolerant cultivars. Cut back after first bloom, fertilize and water to maintain flowering in the summer.

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Poppy Flower

My brother has these red poppy flowers. I would like to grow them too. How do I start another plant?


Sow seeds for annual and biannual varieties in the spring. If they are perennials the plants can be divided in the spring. There are two basic methods of dividing perennials, one is to cut them apart, the other is to pull or tease them apart. You will be able to tell which method you need use from the structure of the roots. If the plant is already flowering it may be too late for this season it is best when the plant is young and just developing.

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