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The History of Lucky Bamboo

May 13th, 2010

The History of Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo has been a symbol of the Chinese practice of Feng Shui for centuries. It is said that the Bamboo is luckiest when you receive it as a gift, this does not mean that you cannot buy one, consider the Bamboo as gift from yourself. The Bamboo plant symbolizes luck and success because of its ability to grow quickly and has strength and resilience. Feng Shui literally means "wind" and "water". Like wind and water, its principles involve movement, flow, circulation, and the harmonious rhythm of natural energies. It is recommended by Feng Shui practitioners to improve the energy in the house and to give the person more energy to face life. As the plant symbolizes good luck, people believe that it will bring good luck, good fortune and prosperity to the house, business and the people they love. Choose the location of of you lucky bamboo plant wisely as it is believed that bamboo will activate stagnate energy where it is placed. As Bamboo is flexible and enduring, it is also a symbol of the ability to move with the times and adapt to the changes in life. It is believed lucky bamboo kept in homes and offices will aid growth in all aspects of life and protect the occupants of the house from unseen forces. The art of Feng Shui believes when our environments are in harmony with the universe, the "three great blessings" - health, happiness, and prosperity can be achieved.

Chinese tradition actually uses bamboo to symbolize several things like two sticks for love, three or six stalks for happiness, five or seven for health, eight for wealth, nine for good fortune and twenty one is considered to be the luckiest in all aspects.