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Seeds of all Shapes and Sizes

May 5th, 2011

Seeds of all Shapes and Sizes

Some seeds float in the wind others helicopter to the ground these interesting weed seeds of the Redstem Stork's Bill corkscrew their way into the ground. Each “storks bill” which is the sword like projections off the plant are cluster of five seeds, each with the long tail tapering out to the end of the “bill”. These tails are tightly bound and make the central, elongated “bill”. At maturity, what becomes the corkscrew peels off the long “bill” and starts to curl, remaining attached to the seed. The familiar corkscrews then twist into the soil as they go through day-night cycles of wetting and drying, each time the spiral forces the sharp seed deeper into the soil. Eventually the seed breaks off, leaving hundreds of cork screws.