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Think of Plants Like People

July 7th, 2011

Think of Plants Like People

Think of plants needs like our human needs. We all need a good place to live i.e. a roof over our head with things around us that make us feel comfortable. Plants are the same you just need to know a little about the species to know their needs, is it full-sun or full-shade (The roof). Good soil conditions with the right amount of sand, clay, loam and just right amount of organic matter(Comfort). Both plants and humans need food, some are big eaters and some are nibblers, its just a matter of knowing the crowd you're serving (Fertilizer). Some people love to swim others feel more at home in the mountains plants feel the same some can sit in a bathtub their whole life while others will be out of their element with too much pool time (Water requirements).

Of yeah don't forget love!