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Tomato Blight

May 4th, 2011

Tomato Blight

Blights of all kinds are fairly common in the landscape but few can be as annoying as those that affect your tomatoes. Unfortunately there is no cure all for blight once a garden is infected but the following tips will help prevent the spread of blight as well as many other common crop diseases.

1. Use only clean seed saved from disease free plants.
2. Use blight resistant or tolerant varieties.
3. Remove and destroy crop residue at the end of the season.
4. Practice crop rotation to non-susceptible crops (3 years). Be sure to control volunteers and susceptible weeds.
5. Promote good air circulation by proper spacing of plants.
6. Irrigate early in the day to promote rapid drying of foliage.
7. Healthy plants with adequate nutrition are less susceptible to the disease.
8. Minimize plant injury and the spread of spores by controlling insect feeding.
9. Hand picking diseased foliage may slow the rate of disease spread but should not be relied on for control. Do not work in a wet garden.

I am a huge proponent of ORGANIC gardening so as last resort use a preventative fungicide.