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Using The Right Tool

September 8th, 2011

Using The Right Tool

It is important to select the right tool for the pruning job at hand. Selecting the right size tool for the cuts being made will reduce the damage to tissue beyond the scope of the work reducing insect and pathogen damage. Every gardener should have a few essential pruning tools on hand that will cover the majority of the pruning cuts made seasonally. The first and most important is a pair of good Bypass Pruners used for removing small pencil size twigs up 1"-1.5" limbs depending on the size of blade. I keep my bypass pruners at my side at all times in a Leather Sheath or Scabbard. The second must have, the Pruning Saw used to remove larger limbs your unable to cut with pruners. Folding Pruning Saws come with 6"-7" inch blades generally and are easy to carry around the yard safely. Larger Non-folding Pruning Saws come with larger blades, 7"-13" inches are common, these tend to be a little more durable and can handle a larger cuts. The third and final must have pruning tool is the Thinning Shear used to trim small twigs, deadhead and delicate flower work. 

Chainsaws are also very useful but are dangerous and should not be used by everyone.