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Plants - Grasses

ScientificCommonUSDA ZonesExposureTypeHeight     Spread     sort icon
Cymbopogon nardus.pngCymbopogon nardusCitronella grass10a - 11+Full sunGrasses3 to 6'3 to 6'
Cymbopogon winterianus.pngCymbopogon winterianus Jowitt Cymbopogon Grass9a - 11+Full sunGrasses3 to 6'3 to 6'
kentucky blue.gifPoa pratensisKentucky Bluegrass7a - 11Partial sunGrassesN/AN/A
Carex nigra 'Variegata'.pngCarex nigra 'Variegata'Black Sedge 4a - 8bPartial sunGrassesUnder 1'Under 1'