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Bare Root Trees

Yao asks:


I bought three bare root trees online and just planted them. Is it a good time to plant bare root trees in December? Since it is winter, do I need to water them very often? When will the trees begin to grow leaves? Another company says the best time is in March, so they will wait until March to ship the bare root trees. Which opinion is more correct?


The best time of year to plant bare root trees depends a lot on your climate. If you live in a mild winter climate where the ground never freezes planting in the winter will be just fine. If you happen to live in a colder climate where below freezing temperatures are common and the ground freezes it is best to wait until early spring to plant bare root trees. That being said, you should always try and plant bare root stock as soon as possible after you receive them to prevent the plants from drying out and dying. Almost all plants sold as bare root should be planted before leaf buds begin to swell and open, anytime much later than March or April and you may have missed you window. I feel the best time to plant bare root is in the fall while soil temperatures are fairly warm.

It is important to water new plants during the winter months if you live in a dry winter climate or there are long periods of time without precipitation. Watering during the winter will also benefit established plants as well during dry periods.

Bare root tree will begin to develop leaves around the same time all the other trees in your area begin to leaf out for the spring. Daylight, soil temperature, air temperature and moisture all affect the time of year trees begin to leaf out in the spring.

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