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Confederate Rose Hibiscus

JUDY asks:


The leaves on my Confederate Rose bush (Hardy Hibiscus) are stunted and is not flowering, I have watered and fertilized. Whats wrong?


The most likely cause of the stunted growth and lack of flowers on your Confederate Rose Hibiscus is insect damage. Sap sucking insects like Mealybugs which will feed on all parts of the plant can lead to reduced vigor, stunted growth and eventually death if there is a large infestation and it is left untreated. Mealybugs are small 2-3mm soft bodied insects which appear pink and leaves behind a wax-like substance on the leaves and stems of the plants they feed on. There are few insecticides which will control mealybugs completely, the best control is a healthy garden ecosystem with beneficial insects like lady beetles and lady beetle larva.

Other causes for the stunted growth of your Confederate Rose Hibiscus maybe environmental such as change in soil grade, root loss or damage, excess water, lack of drainage. The other cause could be disease which is much harder to pinpoint, common fungal diseases include root rots, collar rots and Botrytis blight, also called gray mold.

Inspect your plant closely for any signs of insects and insect damage, environmental, signs of disease or anything out of the norm.

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