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Gardening In Clay Soil

edgarh1125@ asks:


Most all gardening instructions start by saying choose (a well- drained soil) . I have several acres for gardening on top of a small hill. There are 8 to 12 inches of pretty good top soil and then one to three feet of hard red clay. The clay is pretty well imperious, so I don’t have the option of choosing a well-drained soil. I have trouble with my septic system because water will not percolate through the red clay. I do not garden over the septic system. The clay seems to be okay for growing things, when I scattered it on top of the ground while trying to repair my septic system, grass grew on it well, and was very dark green. What should I do about growing a garden in this situation?


I would try using the hill farming method as they do with many crops. Create rows of mounded soil and plant the desired crop on top. The raised elevation will allow for good drainage and air circulation in sites with poor soil conditions.

Happy Gardening!

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