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Lemon Cypress outdoors in winter


I have 2 small lemon cypress plants that I would like to keep on our covered porch throughout the winter in Washington DC. They are in their own pot which is then sitting in an iron urn. I take them out to water. I know they need some warmth on very cold nights. Can I cover with a plastic or paper bag on those nights? Or should I wrap the pot itself that contains the roots. Which part of the plant freezes first, the root ball or the leaves? Will a bag be enough? Thanks!


It is best to cover plants with a fabric cover like an old towel or blanket to protect them from the cold. There are also covers made specifically for frost protection that are light weight but provide insolation and breathability, they can be found at most nurseries. Wrapping the plant and pot in christmas lights and covering them along with placing them in a protected location will provide the best protection from freezing temperatures. Both the leaves and roots are susceptible to freezing, plants that are not cold hardy can be damaged or killed during long cold periods.

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