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One pittosporum in a hedge is dying

Jessica asks:


Hi, Hoping anyone can help with suggestions. I have one pittosporum out of a hedge of 9 that is dying. The rest are perfect. I live in Sydney and it has been pretty hot here including a few over 40degree days. The only other thing we have done lately is to put sugarcane mulch on the garden bed. This is our first house and so we are learning. Your help would be appreciated, it may be too late but I am willing to try anything. Thank you


Hard to say what could be causing the decline of your pittosporum hedge without seeing the plant and location. Here are some diagnosing questions I would go through when investigating the decline of a plant.

-Has the watering changed? (more or less)
-Has the grade of the soil around the plant been altered?
-Has there been heavy pruning done on the plant?
-Are the leaves yellowing or browning?
-Are there signs of insect damage?

Hope this helps! Happy Gardening!

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