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Plants for HOT, HOT climates

Frances asks:


I live in a small town in AZ where temps get as high as 120 for DAYS at a time. My small patio gets full sun all daylong. What can I plant in planter boxes that can withstand the oppressive sun and heat all day?


Cacti & Succulents are going to do well, however they will still require regular water when planted in pots on a patio with temperatures over 100 degrees. Arizona natives are also an option, plants like Argemone, Agave, and Ferocactus. I would suggest heading to your closest garden center they most likely sell only plants suited for that environment. If you plan to plant in containers on the patio select light color pots, choose pots larger than needed and water once or twice a week (check soil moisture regularly). Temperatures like you describe will kill even the hardiest of plants if the roots become too hot.

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