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Strange Sappy strings and rings

Peter asks:


Last year my english roses developed strange sappy strings with little rings that hung from the bottom of the strings. I would discover this in the mornings....there were many coming down from all parts of the roses. Does anyone know what this is?


Does it go away or is it more like its growing on the roses? Is it yellow-orange? Sounds like it could be Dodder. Dodder, Cuscuta species, is a parasitic annual plant that infests many crops, ornamentals, native plants, and weeds.


The strings are sap. It sounds horrible, but it looks and feels rather like saliva. The rings look like what I can only describe as similar to a snail. These rings hang from the bottom of the drips. The process seems to take place overnight, I find the plant covered with them in the morning. It seems to dry up with the sun, so this is not a parasitic plant in my opinion. This has affected only my english roses, not the floribundas.
Thank you so much for your help!

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