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Phalaenopsis (Orchid)

I've had my plant a little over a year. It's rebloomed several times, but now four curly, tubular shoots with shiny dark tips have sprouted (not flower shoots). What are they and what do I do with them?

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fig tree

Where does the fruit form?

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Mosquito Plants

What is a good mosquito plant?

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Properity Tree or Money Tree

What is the proper care for the prosperity tree? How much water and how much sunlight? When the stalks and leaves turn brown what are we doing wrong? Have had it for 2 years and now it seems to be dying. Help.

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Possum grapes

What would cause possum grapes to not produce fruit?

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Mandevilla splendens (Hoop)

I bought Mandevilla (Hoop) at Home Depot with the wrong care tag on it. Can you tell me about this plant. If annual or perennial. How big it will get. When bloom time is, how to take care of it? Thank you.

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Wisteria vine trained as a trees

I just purchased a green-leaf Wisteria Amethyst Falls, staked, and would like info on the best way to train as a tree. Please advise. Thank you.

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Noise Barrier

What kind of trees or bushes are best to reduce road noise?

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Neem oil

What is neem oil?

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Frost Tollerant Plants, Osteospermum?

Is the flower, Osteospermum frost tolerant?

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Best planting time for Veggies

Is there a better time of day morning or afternoon to put my vegie starts into to outdoor garden?

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Annuals Vs. Perennials

What type of plant comes back every spring? Annual or Perennial?

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